Saturday, February 6, 2010

GSH no longer MIA

I just found out there's a new Gil Scott-Heron album coming out on February 22. The wife and I have been fans of his for a long time; we saw Gil perform a couple of times in the early '80s, right before he descended into the Hell of drug addiction. I honestly thought the drugs were going to destroy him but it looks like he's beaten them...perhaps this means there's still hope for Sly Stone.

I challenge anyone to watch these videos and remain unmoved. The man is a genius, and I don't use that word lightly. Join me in two weeks in purchasing his new LP, I'm New Here, on XL Recordings.

There's a more substantial film post in the works, so keep checking back!

[Photo taken by avantgardener4 and labeled for reuse on Flickr]


Swopa said...

It might be a little premature to say he's beaten the drug problem (via NPR):

Scott-Heron says he's unapologetic about his drug-related brushes with the law.

"I have not recovered from anything," he says. "I did 18 months in one stretch and a year one time. That's a small enough price to pay for all the crimes I committed. I did a lot of s- - - I shouldn't have done. And do a lot of s- - - nowadays. If they catch me, I'm not gonna be able to do that no more."

In the interests of his health and liberty, I hope that's just a bit of bravado for the sake of not giving a politically correct answer...

Pickled Bologna said...

Yes, perhaps a little wish-casting on my part...but after such a fallow period, it's good to know he's clean enough to record new material.

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