Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yes it's me, and I'm in love again

Okay, I know Valentine's Day was last week, but after today's Occupy Oakland foreclosure action in support of Katie Mitchell my man-crush for the movement is in full effect again--at least until next weekend's FTP march. (I kid, I kid.)

For those of you who may have missed it, these are the phone numbers to call to voice support for bankster victim Katie Mitchell. Remember, keep it polite, calm, and on point, and tell the folks you're calling to support Katie Mitchell of 5833 Fremont Street, Oakland. Katie needs a loan modification and a reasonable principle. Simple!

Peter Barker 310-860-7007
Julius Robinson 415-765-3883
Union Bank, Downtown Oakland 510-891-9505

When you call Union Bank, you might also want to politely but firmly complain about their security guard, who went all OPD on a protester during today's action. Check out Oakfosho's Livestream archives for all the disgraceful action.

In addition to today's foreclosure action, there was a tangentially related event outside Alameda County Superior Courthouse, where the auctioning of foreclosed properties generated a raucous response from protesters affiliated with the East Bay Solidarity Network. I'm a big doofus, I guess, because I'd never heard of EBSN before now, but they raised holy Hell today. More power to 'em.

Coming on the heels of Monday's massively successful Occupy San Quentin rally, it's been a marvelous couple of days, despite Berkeley Police Department's ridiculous effort to blame OO for a murder. In my opinion, these smaller actions will rebuild community support for Occupy Oakland, and help us build momentum for the May Day General Strike. I've already scheduled a vacation day for myself--have you?

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