Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who is Mehrdad Dokhanchy?

Here is the link to the police statement used as the basis for the eviction of the Zion Cypress encampment:!/Awesome_Hubris/status/152191715669848064/photo/1

Here is a photo of the building listed as Mehrdad Dokhanchy's place of employment:

Why would Mehrdad Dokhanchy--who according to Google, lives in Lafayette and is the Director of Taxation at Ross Stores, Inc.--list his place of employment as 3762 Piedmont Avenue, otherwise known as Cybelle's Pizza?

Perhaps there are two Mehrdad Dokhanchy's in the Bay Area: one a high-powered corporate executive, the other a simple but honest purveyor of mediocre pizza pies who also likes to dabble in West Oakland real estate. My money, however, is on them being one and same person. Considering that Mehrdad Dokhanchy is a tax expert, I bet he and his compatriots in urban non-renewal are accruing some mighty tax write-offs from the Zion Cypress property.

This is probably business as usual for the moneyed classes--the sort of shenanigans they've been getting up to for donkey's years. It's no doubt perfectly legal. It's also, in my opinion, immoral to leave perfectly good land in a state of disrepair for over a decade in hopes that one day you'll be able to build condos on it and sell them to affluent commuters.

My suggestion to Mr. Dokhanchy: donate the land to a good cause and concentrate on improving your damn pizza.

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