Thursday, January 12, 2012


The next big day on the Occupy calendar is almost here! Nationally known as Occupy Congress Day, January 17th promises to be an interesting day in both Washington, DC and Oakland. It's a race against time for Washington Mayor Vincent Gray, who's cooking up a phony health emergency in order to get Occupy DC cleared out before Tuesday whilst shedding crocodile tears for those holding down the encampment. Look out for the rats, a species never before seen in the District of Columbia! And it's much too cold to sleep in McPherson Square, so go home, or if you're homeless, go and sleep in a doorway where we won't notice you! Whatta guy. Here he is displaying his professional politician's look of concern.

Here in Oakland, we'll be celebrating Occupy Oakland City Council Day with three of our favourite people!

Rally outside City Hall starts at 4:30 PM, Council meeting follows at 5:30 PM. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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