Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rule Number One & UC Riverside

It's still 'follow the money'.

In the wake of the SOPA blackout (you'll notice there was no Pickled Bologna post yesterday!), a substantial number of Congress critters abandoned the SOPA/PIPA ship. Most of them were Republicans, though House sponsor Lamar 'Red Rug' Smith is hanging tough.

As for the Dems...they're still on board, for the most part. Gee, I wonder why? Could it have anything to do with all the contributions they get from Hollywood entertainment companies...companies that generally don't donate to Republicans?


Meanwhile, down in sunny Southern California, the riot cops were out in full force today, doing what they do best...shooting students with 'non-lethal' rounds. It went down at UC Riverside during a meeting of the UC Regents, a group of wealthy people who occasionally get together to enjoy a nice lunch whilst massively increasing the cost of a public education. The best info on the Riverside outrage is here.

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